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36 Sibley Street, Nimbin NSW 2480



Frequently Asked Questions

All our finished floor levels are set to RL56.05m AHD, which is above the modern computer modelling of a 1 in 100 flood level (RL 55.6m to 55.9m) and even the Great Flood of 2022 peaked well below our finished floor levels. A lot of work has been done over many years to achieve this.

It is important to understand that the flood characteristics in Nimbin are different to downstream in Lismore where all the water builds up. Anything is possible in this time of climate change. It never hurts to exercise an abundance of caution, and this would include not storing anything particularly susceptible to flooding at floor level and having the relevant insurances.

That said, Nimbin is a long way up stream, any flood water escapes downstream rapidly. It takes an enormous amount of water in a short time to raise flood levels by even a small amount.  Flooding has never inundated our facility or come close to reaching such levels in living memory.” 

Yes, you will need to supply your own padlock. Most locks up to 10mm shackle size will fit.

All doors have alarms. For most of the units, the door to your unit will disarm when you go through the gates and re-arm when you exit the gate.

For Units 1-7, the swinging gates aren’t so relevant but you still need to rearm and disarm your unit doors at the keypad in the central driveway in front of those gates. For the above reason and for all units, it is essential that you always use the keypad when entering and exiting at least one of the sets of gates. Failure to use the keypad to sign in and sign out so may result in the alarm system being activated inadvertently.

To help keep your belongings safe, the entire facility is also protected by numerous, high quality, high definition, cameras.

Yes, you can view it on our sizes and prices page.

Yes – our entire facility is accessible for light rigid trucks up to 9m. Units 13, 33-43 are semi-trailer accessible for larger trucks up to 19m.

Storers with accounts in good standing have 24/7 access o their stored goods.

The “front row” of units (numbered 1 to 7) may also be used for the wholesale sale and display of goods, to ABN holders, as well as storage. These units have a double, 10A power point, lighting and NBN wi-fi internet available, with various plans depending on your usage.

Refer to fair use policy (above) and unit details page for more information.

Yes, you can download our power & internet fair-use policy.

7 days’ notice, if possible, please.

Why choose us

Situated in Nimbin’s emerging, dynamic hub for industry, innovation, local arts and artisan crafts, Nimbin Storage is a modern, safe, secure, fully automated, purpose-built facility.

  • Fully automated
  • Short & long term rentals
  • Individually alarmed units
  • High-tech 24 hour CCTV
  • PIN code access
  • Wide paved driveways
  • Lighting, power & Wi-Fi options

Explore our unit sizes, give us a call or grab a quote today!

Need a hand?

If you've got any storage or workshop related questions, please give us a call on 0491 015 654 or view our contact page for more details.